Welcome to Touch of Pilates

We are a studio that cares and touches lives!

We offer services to all different types of fitness levels; From the athletes to the every day Joe's that walks down the street. Make yourself at home, look around on our site, and see how we can increase you fitness level .  We offer many different kinds of specials to welcome you to our studio. So check out these great deals below that are offered just for you to pick from! We our excited to meet you and be glad to help you reach your full health potential through body movement and awareness.If you have any questions or want more details feel free to contact us at 608-354-8940 or email us at elizabeth@touchofpilates.

Our Beginners Welcome Packet for $75

It a beginners packet for our new client only. The Packet offers you 2 Private Lesson, 1 Mat and Prop Class, and 1 Reformer Class to try out in our studio. It a perfect deal to get a taste of what our studio is about and what type of classes or services that fits you needs better. New Clients Only and not valid with any other offer.

$25 for a Special Consultation

Its a special offer to welcome our new clients into your beautiful studio.  Get to know us in a private setting with one of our personal trainers. We will give you tips on how to better your form and  movement through our techniques and thoughts on how we can serve you best in our studio. If you don't want to go alone your welcome to share your experience with a friend. Its a intimate setting that you can enjoy and feel safe while working out.

$59 for 1 Private Lesson and 2 Reformer Lessons

We want to offer a special rate for our new clients to get a chance to know how it feels and the benefits when done on a regular bases. You get a one on one lesson to be able  to learn how  to use the equipment and body form in private setting and 2 Reformer Classes to enjoy a class experiance. 

$32 for 4 Mat and Prop Lessons

We want to offer a special rate for our new clients to get a chance to know what a month worth of lessons  can do for your body  if done once a week or more. It helps give you a better idea how it you feels and the benefits done on a regular bases.

All Special Deals are for  New customers only. Not valid with any other offer.