Consultation           $25 a session

Its a special offer to welcome our new clients into your beautiful studio.  Get to know us in a private setting with one of our personal trainers. We will give you tips on how to better your form and  movement through our techniques and thoughts on how we can serve you best in our studio. If you don't want to go alone your welcome to share your experience with a friend. Its a intimate setting that you can enjoy and feel safe while working out.

Privates Lesson      $60 a session

You have our 100% attention! Its your time and your space with a personalized instructor for you alone. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the use of all of our equipment, toys, and gadgets at the studio. Your personal trainer will design and custom-tailor your workout to fit your style and physical fitness level. It's a fun-loving environment where you can feel free to be you without any interruptions. Treat yourself to the whole place while focusing on form and proper precision of each movement.

Call (608) 354-8940 to sign up for one of our personal trainers

Duet Lesson          $30 per person 

Trio Lesson           $25 per person

The more the merrier! Share your Pilates Lesson with a friend, family, or love one with a personalized instructor. Have a blast with our equipment, toys, and gadgets at your finger tips. Your personal trainer will design and custom-tailor a group setting workout for you and your friends. Its an opportunity to support each other to walk taller,stronger, and leaner in life while connecting or reconnecting in active way with those you love.  Make it a duet or better yet a trio for your Pilates experience!

VIP Classes           $25 per person

VIP classes are our new excited 8 week course class. You most sign up in advance for these classes when posted. Once you sign up for this 8 week course you are invited in a private setting with 2 other people. It's an opportunity to advance as a group together! These classes will be posted on our website, facebook or up front at the desk when they are available. Once the date as expired to sign up for the class you will have to wait for the next available VIP class. You can sign up at up the front desk at the studio or contact Elizabeth at

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